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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Test Time is Almost Here!

Hiya Eberrybody!

Thank you to all who have been sending Mamma encouraging notes during our absence from the blogosphere. Her big MA exam is almost here--this coming Saturday--and she is stressed out and doing her best to absorb as much information as possible about all the children's lit and crossover books she's been studying this semester.

It will be so great once it's finally over, and a berry busy time for us too. You see, after the exam and graduation, we are moving! Mamma has explained to me that she and the hoo-dad (and me too of course!) are moving from SoCal to Illinois for grad school for him, and even *more* grad school for her! (crazy, huh?) But the bestest part is that we'll be renting our own small house, which means a huge yard space just for me to go crazy playing fetch in! Woohoo! I am so excited about dat :D Once Mamma gets a chance, she'll post pics of the place for ya. But all dis action is gonna keep us pretty busy and tired, so we might still be a little scarce on the blogosphere (apparently there are a lot of things needing to be packed and berry little time to do it in!). But rest assured, we will keep y'all updated as much as we can (I'll make sure of dat!).