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Monday, February 25, 2008

And Now Announcing...(da Da Daa DAA!)

it's official: I'm a Canine Celebrity, courtesy of HappyTailsSpa!
I'm so excited about my first ever award :)

Here is the first photo my mamma submitted of me:

And this is what she said about me for the contest:
"Lili is not your typical canine celebrity. Yes, she is a hound for attention, and yes, she loves dressing up and modeling for the camera, sleeping all day, playing games her way, and parading down the street on walks. Even beyond that, she requires the best—in food, in clothes, in toys, and even in sleeping spots (on a plane trip last year she refused to settle for being kept under the seat in her current carrier and escaped from it—breaking it in the process and demanding to be held on her mamma’s lap for the remainder of the trip…her carrier accommodation on the return flight was much more suited to her preference). But she is also a wonderfully loyal and loveable companion. Incredibly smart, Lili catches on to good behaviors, tricks, and games easily—especially when the right motivation is provided. She is a joyful and healthy example of her breed, and provides her humans with endlessly entertaining antics."
I guess my mamma is pretty proud of me, huh?
Here are some of the other pics mamma took during that photo shoot:





(This was also the second pic mamma entered in the contest.)

Mamma is very excited that I won the contest. 'Course, she always knew I was cute (and I don't let her forget it either--it's the best way to score extra treats, right?) Winning the contest doesn't matter that much to me--'cept I am excited about all the special treatment I'm getting as a result :) Teehee, I look so different in all those photos--normally I'm just lying around, sleeping next to (or in!) my mamma's lap. It's a great life!

I'm not the only canine celebrity around though--I consider all my blogger pals celebrities :) Do you have any celeb-worthy photos you can share with me on your blog?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Lady and An Acrobat

Oh, hai mamma. It's you & dat fwashy ting agin.

What? You want me ta pose for you and my blogger friends?

Fine. *sigh* Here tis my siwen lOOk.

Posing gives mee itchees. *scratch*

Now my tail itches. *scratch bite scratch*

Wait! You weren't suppost to take a pikture of dat! I can't bewieve you're posting dat. *grumble*

Pwease forgive da wierd moment there, peepols. Have your hoo-parents ever caught you in an embawassing moment? (Post pics, please!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Bloglish Blog

Okay peeps and peepettes,

This post is not about me. Nope, it's a plug for the hoo-dad. See, Mamma and I are berry proud of the hoo-dad's new blogs. They are very funny, and make us smile. They are not dog-blogs, but each has it's own different theme. Because we like them so much, Mamma and I have decided to post about them here, even though it is slightly off-topic. Anyway, here is an introduction:

The Bloglish Blog is the main site, and it's about, well--everything. Everything the hoo-dad feels like blogging about.

The Bloglish Eleven is a blog about lists--but not just any ordinary lists. No, these lists all have one thing in common: there are ll items on each. To see why, you'll have to check out the first post, which has Eleven Reasons to Make a List Go to Eleven Instead of Ten.

Lastly, there is The Bloglish Dining Guide to Hamville. This is my favorite blog of the hoo-dad's, because it's all about food. Yum! This is a guide to the *very* unique and *very* entertaining restaurants in the town of Hamville. Have you heard of Hamville? I hadn't, until the hoo-dad started telling Mamma and me all about it. Believe you me, there are some pretty interesting restaurants in Hamville, and Dr. Worm (the hoo-dad, in my world) tells ya all about them, and then we (the public) can leave reviews! They are berry dog-friendly in Hamville, so you can go and leave reviews too!

Anyway, I hope my doggy friends (and your respective hoo-parents) will take a little looksie at the hoo-dad's blogs. I'm gonna add them to my sidebar so the links are readily available. Let me know what you think!


Friday, February 15, 2008


Copper asked us to show blooper pics, and boy, I've got a lot of 'em :)

This is me being *fierce* during the Hallmark photo shoot
(actually, I'm in the middle of a yawn ;) )

And this is a really goofy shot of me--it looks like I'm doing a dance, huh?

The camera's flash was too bright and I kept squinting during some photos, so here is an example of that.

Mamma wishes this had turned out more clear--she loves my expression in it.

I kinda look like a sea-sick one-eyed pirate here, doncha think?

Arr, mateys!

Okay, last one is also goofy--I was in the middle of shaking out here.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my blooper pics. Mamma & I don't mind the occasional blooper, 'cuz they're usually pretty fun & goofy, and show a different side of my personality. I look forward to seeing more of your blooper pics too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Contest...and you can help!

Hi Everyone!

My mamma has entered me into another contest! This time it's the USA Spay Day online photo contest, and I am hoping you'll check it out and vote for me. You can only vote for one pet once, but you can vote on multiple pets, if that makes sense, so if you're entered in it too, let me know and I'll vote for you as well--we gotta help each other out, right? If the link below doesn't work, just go to, find the search button, type in my name, Lili, and you should find me that way (so far there are only three Lili's, and the other two are cats, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find me :))

Also, please pass this along to anyone you might think would like to help, I'd really appreciate it!

Here's the link!

Thanks very much for your help!

Oh, and as Bob Barker would say, "Please have your pets spayed or neutered!"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been tagged! My first one ever :)

Kai, of the Zoo Crew, tagged me to list seven things previously unknown about myself.

1. I really like to bark at all the noises I hear outside, but Mamma & the hoo-dad have been training me not to bark too much because we live in an apartment complex and don't want to annoy the neighbors. But sometimes when I'm sleeping next to my mamma, I have really good dreams where I can bark at whatever I want to--but my barks come out as low woofs & wuffles, so it's okay--plus, Mamma thinks it's cute :)

2. Speaking of noises, I may be a spry young pupper of a year and a half, but I can grump with the best of 'em. If I'm sleeping alongside my mamma and she shifts me around at all, sometimes I will groan and grumble at the treatment (a lot--teehee!). Statler and Waldorf would be proud, dontcha think?

3. I like dressing up and being girly--sometimes I'll run to the special drawer where Mamma keeps the stuff that's only for ME and she'll get out this pretty kerchief with sparkly pink flowers on it that I can wear around the house.

4. I got the kerchief by winning a photo contest held by one of the members of the Dachshund Lovers Club Forum. The contest was for Best Stinkeye. Here is the picture I used:

Betcha didn't think I had that kind of stinkeye in me, huh?

5. Someday, when my mamma & the hoo-dad have more time on their hands, I'd like to get involved in agility or flyball--I'm a very athletic little doggy and I catch onto things pretty quickly, so Mamma & I think it would be very fun activity to do together.

6. I don't eat people food at all. My diet consists strictly of my special food and doggy treats, and Mamma sez it's gonna stay that way. I must not have gotten any peepol food before I came to live wif Mamma and the hoo-dad, either, because I don't show any interest in what they eat, 'cept the occasional sniff in the direction of their plates. Besides, I know very well that the food I get is special for ME--it fulfills all my nutritional needs and is berry berry yummy. AA-aand, this way I get to keep my svelte figure (it's especially important for us dachsies to stay slim and trim, becuz excess weight can endanger our extra-long spines).

7. I didn't burrow under blankets or covers when I first came to live with my mamma & the hoo-dad--I didn't know that it was something that most dachsies love to do (see, it's supposed to be part of the badger-dog instinct). Mamma has been working with me on it, however, and I'm slowly learning the joys of being snuggly warm under the covers :)

I guess I'm supposed to tag other puppers, but I don't know who hasn't done this one. Let's just say, if you read this & want to play along, please do!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I always enjoy da pics of other puppers op'ning pressies dey get from their fur friends, so I thought I'd share some pictures of me opening a pressie I got awhiles ago from a fur-friend on the dachshund board I bisit wif my mamma, The Doxie Lovers Club.

Is dat for moi? Bring it down here so I can see!

Hmmm, dere are some berry intressting smells coming from dis.
Must investigate further...

Dis is it sumting to chew?

It tis! It is sumting to chew!

(yarm yarm yarm)

Sumting more I can chew--a flossie!

Here I am demonstrating my favoritest way to yarm a flossie.

Thanks again to Tasha & her mom!

(I'm gonna go chew summore now...)

Btw, thank you eberrybody for 'minding me dat dere is nuffink wrong wif da desire to unstuff da stuffies--you are all right, stuffies were made for da unstuffing, and dey needs our help. So go out now, and unstuff those stuffies with pride! I'll certainly hold no more regrets now!