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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Bloglish Blog

Okay peeps and peepettes,

This post is not about me. Nope, it's a plug for the hoo-dad. See, Mamma and I are berry proud of the hoo-dad's new blogs. They are very funny, and make us smile. They are not dog-blogs, but each has it's own different theme. Because we like them so much, Mamma and I have decided to post about them here, even though it is slightly off-topic. Anyway, here is an introduction:

The Bloglish Blog is the main site, and it's about, well--everything. Everything the hoo-dad feels like blogging about.

The Bloglish Eleven is a blog about lists--but not just any ordinary lists. No, these lists all have one thing in common: there are ll items on each. To see why, you'll have to check out the first post, which has Eleven Reasons to Make a List Go to Eleven Instead of Ten.

Lastly, there is The Bloglish Dining Guide to Hamville. This is my favorite blog of the hoo-dad's, because it's all about food. Yum! This is a guide to the *very* unique and *very* entertaining restaurants in the town of Hamville. Have you heard of Hamville? I hadn't, until the hoo-dad started telling Mamma and me all about it. Believe you me, there are some pretty interesting restaurants in Hamville, and Dr. Worm (the hoo-dad, in my world) tells ya all about them, and then we (the public) can leave reviews! They are berry dog-friendly in Hamville, so you can go and leave reviews too!

Anyway, I hope my doggy friends (and your respective hoo-parents) will take a little looksie at the hoo-dad's blogs. I'm gonna add them to my sidebar so the links are readily available. Let me know what you think!



Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Wow! Your dad won't have time to play with you if he is keeping up that many blogs! One blog is hard enough. We don't live close enough to go to the restaurants in Hamville but we are going to read about them anyway because they are about our second favorite topic (FOOD). Our favorite topic is US!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lili said...

Hiya Roxie, Sammy & Andy--I'm glad you're planning to visit the hoo-dad's blogs. But don't worry about me & my daddy time--he only updates them about every week or so, so they don't take up too much of his time :)


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lili!

Thanks for the heads up on the weiner wear! My Mom got so excited about it and she's going to place an order. oops..she realised she needed to sign up and join the website first.