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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hello everybody!
One of my most favoritest things to do in all the world (besides eating, sleeping by Mamma, and trying to lick her face off) is playing with my toyz! I love love love playing fetch and chewing on deserving stuffies, so I thought I'd share a few pics of myself enjoying a few of my favorite things ;)
This is me, waiting oh-so-NOT-patiently, for my mamma to throw my red ball. (Please excuuze how wacky my eyes look in this pic--Mamma tried to fix red-eye but it didn't work very well.)

And here I am at Mamma's feet, trying to hypnotize her into throwing the ball just ONE more time (well, okay, maybe a bajillion more times...I could seriously *never* get tired of this game!)

Here I am gnawing on my green Bobo's ear--I'd like to think that I was just trying to drive in a very important message.

That green bobo--he can be very insolent at times (thus the firm cronch on the nose).

I'll teach you to squeak like that to ME, green Bobo!

Well, actually, I really like how he squeaks--that's the real reason why I cronch on him like so...I'm addicted, I tell ya, but there's no Stuffie-Unstuffers Anonymous, ya know what I mean?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lili the Canine Celebrity

Hello everybody! I know it has been too long (way too long) since my blog has been updated--but my mamma was super busy with graduate school work and hasn't been able to help me post anything until now.
Anyway, Mamma had a very good reason to help me with this post--I am a canine celebrity! Or, at least, I am a candidate to be one :) You see, Mamma heard about this contest that the Happy Tails Dog Spa was holding to pick canine celebrities this year before the Oscars, and Mamma decided to enter me in the competion. Here is the main photo they're using:

Mamma had to write a bit on why she thinks I'm a celebrity, and here is what she said:
"Lili is not your typical canine celebrity. Yes, she is a hound for attention, and yes, she loves dressing up and modeling for the camera, sleeping all day, playing games her way, and parading down the street on walks. Even beyond that, she requires the best—in food, in clothes, in toys, and even in sleeping spots (on a plane trip last year she refused to settle for being kept under the seat in her current carrier and escaped from it—breaking it in the process and demanding to be held on her mamma’s lap for the remainder of the trip…her carrier accommodation on the return flight was much more suited to her preference). But she is also a wonderfully loyal and loveable companion. Incredibly smart, Lili catches on to good behaviors, tricks, and games easily—especially when the right motivation is provided. She is a joyful and healthy example of her breed, and provides her humans with endlessly entertaining antics."
Here is the pic that goes with my bio:

Wish me luck in the competition! If you want to go to the website and check out the other cool doggie entries (or even enter yourself in the competition) go here!